Ground Transportation

The Beef Island Taxi Association was in 1993 incorporated with a membership of thirty (30) full-time taxi drivers. Presently, the membership consists of eight-teen (18) full-time taxi drivers who have four hundred plus (400+) years of experience in the transportation business, and nine (9) part-time drivers. The Association has a minimum of twenty (20) vehicles in its fleet operating regularly. Individually, on a day to day basis, these taxis operate from the Airport, transporting as few as one (1) passenger, to a maximum of twenty-seven (27) passengers. The Association has the capacity however, to move groups of three hundred (300+) plus passengers collectively at any given time.

The fleet includes but is not limited to:

  • Five (5) twenty-five (25) passenger safaris (open air) vehicles;

  • Six (6) elven (11) passenger, airconditioned club wagons; (with bags)

  • Three (3) elven (11) passenger, airconditioned mini buses; (with bags)

  • Two (2) six (6) passenger airconditioned luxury cars.

Services offered by the Association include but are not limited to:

  • Hourly and day charters;

  • Trips to the Beach;

  • Trips to Road Town;

  • Island tours;

  • Hiking trips to Sage Mountain; and

  • Pick-up and delivery of packages.

The Association can be contacted, until further notice, via the following telephone numbers:
1-284-496-6708 Mr. Delvin Green,
1-284-547-7352 Mr. Ernest Jacob or
1-284-499-1542Mr. Alnando Fahie
Email: or


Car Rental Agencies:

The following Car Rental Agencies are located at the Terrance B. Lettsome International Airport, Beef Island:

Avis 284-340-5627
Hertz 284-440-3407
National 284-495-2626
Alamo 284-495-2626 / 284-495-2626