The BVI Airports Authority makes provision for helicopter operations at all airports that we operate. Landing at the Virgin Gorda and Anegada airports however, are executed on a prior permission basis. The main airport, the Terrance B. Lettsome International airport provides two (2) helipads for landing at the north-eastern corner of the apron.

There are also other private landing sites available within the British Virgin Islands. Permission must be sought and granted by the controlling agency in order for helicopter operations to be conducted at these sites.

Operators who wish to conduct operations within the British Virgin Islands are required upon initial contact, to advise the Control Tower of their intentions, providing such information as their operating altitude and their route of flight.

As a result of the terrain in the British Virgin Islands, transmissions may at times be difficult dependent on the current location and distance from the Control Tower at the Terrance B. Lettsome International Airport. In the event of transmission difficulties, Operators are advised to make blind transmissions on the Airport’s frequency (118.4) and advise of their current location and altitude.


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