Application for Employment

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  • This form is to be completed by the applicant
  • All relevant sections of the form must be completed


  1. An original or a certified copy of each certificate, diploma or degree
  2. A police record should be included for any country where you have resided within the last five years
  3. Two written references attesting to your professional and personal character
  4. A copy of Belonger’s card (if applicable)
  5. A Picture ID
  6. Photo of applicant


Applications submitted without anyone of the above items will be considered incomplete.

Incomplete applications will be categorized as “on hold for further information” of the applicant for one month after receipt. Thereafter they will be automatically transferred to an “inactive/closed” category without notification of applicant.

A new application will be required after three (3) months have elapsed.

Please note that original documents must be submitted with application (original documents will be returned to applicant)

.To ensure the timely processing of your application, please submit all documents requested.

Applicants wishing to re-activate their applications may do so after three (3) months following receipt of original application at the BVI Airports, by submitting missing or additional information.

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