Beef Island Taxi Association

The Beef Island Taxi Association was incorporated in 1993 with a membership of twelve (12) full-time taxi drivers. Presently, the membership consists of twenty-two (22) full-time taxi drivers who have accumulated over four hundred (400) years experience in the transportation business, and twelve (12) part-time drivers. The association has a minimum of twenty-two (22) vehicles operating regularly under its umbrella. Individually, on a day to day basis, these vehicles operate from the airport, transporting passengers ranging from one (1) to twenty seven (27) passengers. The Association however, has the capacity to move groups of three hundred (300) plus passengers collectively at any given time.

The fleet includes but is not limited to:

  • Eight (8) twenty-five (25) passenger safaris (open air) vehicles;

  • Six (6) fourteen (14) passenger air conditioned club wagons;

  • Two (2) fifteen (15)passenger air conditioned mini buses;

  • Six (6) eleven (11) passenger air conditioned mini buses; and

  • Two (2) six (6) passenger air conditioned luxury cars.

Services offered by the Association include but are not limited to:

  • Hourly and day charters;

  • Beach trips;

  • Road Town trips;

  • Island tours;

  • Sage Mountain hiking trips; and

  • Package pickup and delivery.

The Association can be contacted via telephone numbers 1-284-495-1982 and 1-284-542-1218 or by email at or

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