Restricted Items

To ensure that passengers remain safe during flight, some items have been restricted from both checked and carry-on baggage. The rules may appear more stringent for carry-on luggage than they are for checked baggage; however you are encouraged to confirm which items are restricted prior to packing in order to avoid any delays at security or having your belongings confiscated.

The following items are not allowed in your checked baggage:

o    blasting cap

o    dynamite

o    fireworks

o    flares

o    hand grenade

o    explosives

o    gasoline

o    tear gas

o    spray paint

o    chlorine

o    liquid bleach

o    detergent

o    aerosol spray

o    wet cell batteries

o    lighter fluid

o    strike anywhere matches

o    paint thinners

o    flare gun

o    gun lighter

o    gun powder

o    compressed gas

o    cigarette lighter

The following items are not allowed in your carry-on baggage

o    drills

o    saw

o    lighters

o    matches

o    box cutters

o    scissors

o    ice picks

o    axes

o    knives

o    toy weapons

o    realistic replica of firearms

o    firearms

o    ammunition

o    explosives

o    screw drivers

o    pliers

o    wrenches

o    hammers

o    Crow bar

o    baseball bat

o    bows and arrows

o    cricket bat

o    golf club

o    hockey sticks

o    pool sticks

o    ski poles

o    spear guns

o    cattle prods

o    night sticks

o    martial arts weapons

o    swords

o    pepper spray/mace

o    brass knuckles

o    no alcoholic

o    Liquid and gels over 3oz

o    beverage over 3 oz/ 3.5 oz



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